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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Car Air Fresheners

What are your car air fresheners made up of? 

Our car air fresheners are made of extra thick scent absorbing paper, cardboard paper and an elastic string. We add scented oils for clean fragrances. 

How long can your car air fresheners last?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. The strength of the scent of the car air fresheners depend on its direct or indirect exposure and duration of exposure to heat and wind. Hotter it gets, the faster the scent can dry up. But on average you should get 4-6 days of stronger scent and the scent gradually decreases but never entirely disappears. Our air fresheners are mid range scent strength as we don't want to overwhelm your car space with an extremely strong scent. You will still get a whiff of the fragrance periodically depending on the humidity and breeze in your car. Many people use it again with their own fragrance especially if they are really in love with their purchased design.

What is the strength of your air fresheners?

Our air fresheners are mid range scent strength as we don't want to overwhelm your car space with an extremely strong scent. 

How long can a car air freshener last if unopened in its poly packaging?

It can last many years, if properly stored but as an average estimate about 24 months. 

Where can I use my air freshener?

You can use your air freshener in your car, home, office, or anywhere with an atmosphere you'd like to add some flair and fragrance too.

Why should I buy Iceflame air fresheners and not other glass and plastic packaged air fresheners?

Because Iceflame car air fresheners are bio degradable and are bio degradable fast. There are no recycling, landfill or disposal costs with our air fresheners. They are made of paper string and cardboard. They are vegan and eco friendly. They dissolve in water and degrade inside the ground fast. The poly packaging is the only part that needs to be recycled, however the plastic used in our poly packaging is thinner and more eco friendly than other thick plastic or glass packagings used by other companies.

Where do you ship from?

We dispatch all orders from Melbourne, Australia.

What are your shipping options ?

We offer postage that caters to all types of buyer preferences.

Standard Domestic Australia Postage (Untracked) - Free 

Domestic Australia Postage with Tracking - $2.95 (up to 6 items only)

Standard Parcel Postage with Tracking - 8.95 (up to 100 items)

Domestic Express Postage with Tracking - $7.95 (up to 4 items)

International Air Mail Tracked Registered Post- $18.95 (up to 3 items)

International Standard Parcel Post with Tracking - $24 

International Express Postage with Tracking - $39

For more information please refer to our shipping policy here.

What is your refund policy? 

We do not provide refunds or replacements for change of mind purchases, however, you are entitled to a refund, exchange or shop credit if there is a fault with the item within 14 days of the purchase date. Returns for online orders must take place within 28 days from the original shipment date in order to receive a refund or a shop credit. Please contact us as soon as possible after receiving your car air freshener if you have any issues. Refer to our Refund and Exchange policy here.